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Welcome To Trucare Trust - Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India

Best Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India

Trucare Trust, the Topmost Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, India, is an elite residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre. Trucare is a leading rehabilitation centre where the patients receive the utmost care. With its outstanding principles, Trucare is been spearheading as one of the best Rehabilitation centres and De Addiction Centre in Mumbai, India for Alcohol & Drug Addiction recovery.

Sited on the top of the Yeoor Hills, Trucare Trust offers a peaceful atmosphere with a picturesque view that is best suited for recovery. We believe that our program is one of the best addiction treatment programs in India, which makes us the most Premium De addiction centre for Alcoholics & Drug Addicts in Mumbai.

We, at Trucare Trust, possess a sturdy team that comprises of qualified & leading Doctors & Counsellors along with a well-versed staff that helps us stand out of the crowd. We are consistently spreading our best class services at Mumbai, Thane, Pune, and Gurgaon.

At Trucare Trust, you will find a secure and safe environment with cosy surroundings, where it feels like home. Our food is nutritious and customized accommodating any dietary needs when needed.

Our expert and specialist staff makes Trucare Trust one of the best rehabilitation centres in India . We have received positive responses from our patients and that is why we are very proud of our doctors and staff.

Treating addiction problems of alcohol, drugs, substance abuse is just the first step. The actual challenge is to help the individuals to again rediscover themselves.Team of Trucare Trust is  always commited to partner with the patients through this most important journey. Our relationship with the patients does not end with their discharge from the rehab but we become an integral part of their addiction free life.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction affects the whole family as much as it affects the addicts. It is very much natural for family members of addicts to feel helpless and unsupported. Trucare Trust offers this very important support from the very beginning of the program. We help family members of the addict throughout the intake process. Counsellors of Trucare Trust are always available to engage in communication with the addict and their family to help them in enrolling into the treatment program. Once the patients is admitted the family members can see thier loved ones 24*7 thought the CCTV camera’s so that they can always see what thier loved one is doing and whether they are comfortable.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centre

We incorporate Art therapy at Trucare which is the most recommended strategy for drug recovery. Not least, we implement the vision board, the most tried and tested tool. The tool is the beautiful collage of the images, words, or clippings with which the patients can showcase their hopes, goals, or dreams.

Meditation-and-Yoga - Best Rehab in Mumbai

We perform an intense analysis of every aspect of recovery right from physical, emotional, spiritual, to physiological. However, we achieve it through our unique methodologies such as individual or group counselling, therapy sessions, yoga sessions, and feelings management.


Dining-Program - Rehabs in Mumbai

We strongly believe that a patient recovering from drug & alcohol addiction requires a very well balanced diet. Hence, we, at Trucare, give high emphasis on preparing an apt diet and the food that we provide is filled with nutrition followed with great hygiene.

Trucare Trust – Top De Addiction Centre in Mumbai, India

Trucare Trust is the leading alcohol & drug rehab centre in Mumbai that treats men as well as women from every corner of the world. We have happy and satisfied customers from whole over India (Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Gurgaon, Nashik, Nagpur, Goa, Jaipur, and much more cities) as well as outside India covering various regions like New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Italy, Qatar, Turkey, South Africa, Singapore, etc.

Our Alcohol & Drug Rehab Program 

Trucare Trust has been treating thousands of alcohol and drug-addicted patients since its inception and has helped them providing prolonged and blissful lives. Our unique residential rehabilitation program duration varies according to the needs and the severity of the patient’s condition. We are located in Mumbai and the centre offers its patients the transportation facility from home to the rehab centre. Trucare’s outstanding staff always welcomes patients while guiding them to take the first step of their journey towards a sober life.

What is Addiction? 

Addiction is all about the use of substances or behaviours in order to self manage personal experiences or feelings. People start consuming alcohol or drug to experience a relaxing, stimulating, or a comforting feeling. It is, however, a fact that initially, alcohol or drug consumption modifies the mood which is why people sense the urge to feel the experience repeatedly. Since it becomes a repetitive act, it turns into a habit and then into continuous consumption. However, a person who fell into this will always assume that he/she has good control of alcohol or drug consumption. But, as the intake increases, the behaviour sustains. Gradually, the habit takes control of your brain functions owing to which it gets hard to curb the addiction.

Addiction harnesses your body, mind, and soul, showing its intensified and multiplied effects not only on you but also on your family members. Drug or alcohol addiction is a dangerous circle where a desire to get out of this will attract you more and you will consume more.

Addiction includes the real risk of dying as a part of its growing evidence of the damage. However, the severity of the condition along with the extent of the consequences for the addict and the family environment is proportional to the time duration of the addiction process.

In a nutshell, addiction stands for not having any kind of control over substance use which can be anything from drugs, alcohol, to other substances.

Can Addiction be Physical Or Psychological?

Physical dependence stands when the addict relies on the substance. It is when a person increases the tolerance level of drug consumption and then parallelly increases drug doses to gain the same pleasure. Hence, if a person tries to get away from the habit, it becomes more difficult causing a number of symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, joint pain, sweating, and other gastrointestinal complaints.

Secondly, psychological dependence can be a completely separate situation or can go hand-in-hand with physical dependence. A patient who is psychologically dependent is blown by the desire for the substance use and hence fail to do anything without it. A few substances that fall under the hard drug category include Heroin or Crack. These substances if consumed even in a small amount can give enough pleasure to an addict if used a few times.

Down the line, addiction is a phase in which a person facing it undergoes a periodic or repetitive compulsion along with an uncontrollable wish to consume it. Hence, it is important to encourage such addicts to take a recovery treatment that will add more stability to them and their lives will become even more blissful and peaceful while detoxifying it!

Accommodation & Facilities

yoga- De Addiction Centre in Mumbai
  • Air-conditioned rooms and dormitory
  • Hot water
  • Veg/Non –Veg menu
  • Satellite TV
  • Indoor games
  • 24/7 medical and support staff
  • Panel of medical & psychiatric staff
  • Experienced counsellors & therapists
  • Clean and modern living area
  • 24/7 Ambulance Service

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