Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program

Drug treatment at Trucare is based upon the knowledge that effective alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment must be tailored to the needs of each resident. Prior to admission, we complete a comprehensive analysis of each individual’s history, including the type and length of drug abuse, as well as health, family and social issues. This drug addiction history is used to structure a drug treatment program that will provide the best opportunity for complete rehabilitation.

Much more than treatment

Treating addiction is definitely an important part of Trucare’s recovery program. However at Trucare we also work towards helping the individuals to rediscover themselves and what they had lost through their addiction days. This may be broken relationship’s, forgotten hobbies, social skills, self-esteem, self worth. To truly recover, an individual has to return to being a contributing member of a family and the community at large. And Trucare stands by them through this process.

Trucare is a Home

The purpose of the Trucare facility is not confinement. The aim is to remove the addicts from their destructive environment and provide a conducive atmosphere for recovery. Surrounded by peers pursuing the same goal and a staff that is supportive and empathetic, Trucare is truly a home away from home.

Family Support

We at Trucare understand the challenges faced by the family. Addiction is a disease that affects an entire family as much as it does the addicts. We understand that families feel lost and helpless and sometimes are unable to make the right decision.
Trucare offers family support from the very beginning. We assist family members in coaching their loved one into treatment. We maintain contact throughout the intake process and help alleviate the worries and fears of both the addict and the family.
Educating the families on various issues related to drug and alcohol addiction and providing them with tools to manage the various family dynamics, is an integral part of recovery process at Trucare

High staff-to-resident ratio

We limit the number of residents in our program to ensure individual attention. High –staff-to resident ration enables to them to provide personalised treatment. Individual attention and high accountability creates a healthy atmosphere. The fact that our staff bring real life experience to the process of recovery is unmatched in its efficacy of providing the much needed empathy and support

Affiliation with medical professionals

Trucare has a panel of Medical Doctors, Dentists and Psychiatrists, who are available should their services be required by a resident.

A meaningful life curriculum

The activities and sessions at Trucare are brilliant in their sheer simplicity. Each day is filled with enlightening and down-to-earth learning. Engaging dialogue and lively discussion are our preferred method of instruction. There are no lectures to endure. We use a tested, personalized approach to teach life skills necessary for an adult to function effectively in today’s society.

Food for the Body and the Soul

Trucare believes that healthy, nutritious and great tasting food is as important as the other therapeutic treatment. Feeling and looking physically healthy and fit is a great motivator. A daily changing menu comprising of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options enjoyed with the others at the rehab facility, completes the feeling of being a family. Thus nourishing both the body and the soul.