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Best Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India with premium facilities. Call us now on 91-8693092000 / 91-9167943134  for more info.
Welcome to Trucare Rehab Centre !

Best Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, India

Trucare Trust is a fully Air Conditioned premium residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, India. Trucare is committed to providing a professional environment where the clients are treated with care and concern.

Fully air-conditioned deaddiction centre for alcoholics and addicts.

Trucare’s holistic approach aims at addressing the physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual aspects of recovery. This is achieved through group and individual counselling, therapy sessions, feelings management, and yoga sessions.

Trucare places special emphasis on nutrition, exercise and recreation to ensure a complete healing of body, mind and spirit.
The dedicated staff at Trucare Rehab Centre is committed to support, guide and inspire residents to make the right moves against alcohol and drug addiction.

About Us
About Trucare

Trucare Trust was established with the sole aim of providing a rehabilitation facility that can match up to the prescribed ethical and professional standards of addiction treatment. Trucare’s aim is not only to provide world class treatment to alcoholics and addicts, but also provide the addict’s family with the support it requires in dealing with the situations.

Trucare Treatment

Trucare uses the WHO approved 12-Step treatment process to achieve complete abstinence from drug or alcohol abuse. The 12 Step process is considered the “most effective treatment for addiction” , as it is a holistic approach targeted at healing mind, body and spirit. The program also helps the individual to improve their health, self esteem and Confidence.

Trucare Trust – Top De Addiction Centre in Mumbai, India

Trucare Trust is one of the top drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, India. We treat both men and women from all around the world. We have different facility for both men and women. We have successfully treated patients from India, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, Dubai (UAE), Qatar, Bahrain, Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Ababia, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, South Africa, Nigeria, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, Turkey and many more countries.

Serene Surroundings

At Trucare Trust, you will find a secure and safe environment with cosy surroundings, where it feels like home. Our food is nutritious and customized accommodating any dietary needs when needed.

Expert Staff

Our expert  and specialist staff makes Trucare Trust one of the best rehabilitation centres in India . We have received positive responses from our patients and that is why we are very proud of our doctors and staff.

Much More than Treatment

Treating addiction problems of alcohol, drugs, substance abuse is just the first step. The actual challenge is to help the individuals to again rediscover themselves.Team of Trucare Trust is  always commited to partner with the patients through this most important journey. Our relationship with the patients does not end with their discharge from the rehab but we become an integral part of their addiction free life.

Family Support

Alcohol and Drug Addiction affects the whole family as much as it affects the addicts.  It is very much natural for family members of addicts to feel helpless and unsupported. Trucare Trust offers this very important support from the very beginning of the program. We help family members of the addict throughout the intake process. Counsellors of Trucare Trust are always available to engage in  communication  with the addict and their family to help them in enrolling into the treatment program. Once the patients is admitted the family members can see thier loved ones 24*7 thought the CCTV camera’s so that they can always see what thier loved one is doing and whether they are comfortable.

Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab ProgramTrucare Trust has treated thousands of people all over the globe with alcohol and drug addiction, in order to help them better and prolong their lives. Our residential rehabilitation programme tenure depends on your needs and the severity of your situation. As our rehabilitation centre is located in Mumbai you need to move into our premium Alcohol and Drug Rehab centre. We do offer the option to transport patients from their homes to our rehab centre in Mumabi. Once a patient arrives at our centre they are welcomed by our very capable and expert staff and our resident psychiatrist. The first step of your journey to sober life is detox.


What is Addiction?

Addiction is the result of a person’s attempt to self- manage their feelings or personal experiences through the use of substances or behaviors. They arrive there for an immediate need to feel something different from what they usually feel. They may consume to calm down, comfort, relieve, calm down, relax, stimulate, activate, or empower themselves, among other reasons. The fact that at first it is very effective in modifying the mood, perception and experiences, makes people feel the urge to repeat the experience.

Becoming a repetitive act, habitual behavior that characterizes addiction, signals the beginning of a relationship of repeated consumption with the substance or with the behavior. Although at the beginning the person feels that he has control over the substances he consumes or his behaviors, as the relationship intensifies, the behavior is perpetuated. As a consequence, addiction takes control. As it gains strength, the brain’s functions adapt, which partly explains why it is so difficult to stop consuming.

Regardless of how the addiction began, there comes a time when the person’s consumption continues, simply because he has been hooked. It really is like a vicious circle, and the desire to avoid such uncomfortable sensations arising from not consuming (or withdrawal symptoms), drives them to continue consuming. They engage in a futile and desperate struggle to control addiction.

As addiction takes hold of your body, mind and soul, the harmful consequences to yourself and others, such as your own family members, multiply and intensify. Despite this, people have huge difficulties to face it and to stop. Even though they still have the capacity to do so, they are not able to make a decision and keep it.

One of the characteristics that defines addiction is that it endures despite the growing evidence of the damage it causes. This includes the real risk of dying. In fact, inherent in addiction is the self-deception of the sufferer, believing that things are not as bad as they really are. In addition, family members may in this process, have problems with the addict, as well as  in their own lives (work, relationships, obsession, etc.). The abnormal in this case becomes the normal, despite generating feelings of shame. Also, the severity of the condition and the extent of the consequences for the addict and their family environment is proportional to the duration of the active addiction process.

Although addiction begins with abuse, it can degenerate into being dependent. Developing an addiction means not having control over the use of a substance, be it drugs, alcohol or other substances.

Addiction can be physical or psychological

Physical dependence is when the addict becomes dependent on the substance, i.e. when a person increases the tolerance threshold to the substance and therefore needs to increase the dose to have the same effects. When one becomes  physically dependent on a substance, to stop using it becomes difficult and leads to withdrawal symptoms such as, for example, fatigue, headache, gastro-intestinal symptoms, joint pain, or sweating.

Psychological dependence can present itself solely or in association with physical dependence . Those who are psychologically dependent are overwhelmed by the desire to use the substance and fail to do without it. Some substances, so-called hard drugs, such as crack or heroin, can so easily cause addiction (increased tolerance), to a point  that it is sufficient to use them even a few times to create an addiction. When a person’s life and interests are directed solely to the need to get the substance, then the addiction has taken over.

In conclusion, addiction is a disorder where the person suffering from it has a recurrent and periodic compulsion, an uncontrollable desire to resort to the addictive object. The problem is not the addictive object but the relationship we establish with it. Addiction comes as a great concern for many today. However, there is still the possibility of recovery. It is important to encourage addicts to recognize that help is available to them, and also aid them in accessing that help.